Our management team makes sure every penny donated works hard for children who need it most and that all the efforts of our incredible medical and support volunteers have the maximum impact.

Emma Scanlan, Chief Executive Officer

Emma Scanlan

Emma holds a Masters degree in NGO management from CASS Business School in London. Her relationship with Chain of Hope began as a volunteer in 1996 and the following year she was employed as a Fundraising assistant. 

Today, as the Chief Executive, Emma’s role involves building relationships with the centres in which we work to ensure we are meeting our beneficiaries’ needs in the right manner. Much of her role is spent building bridges with governments and decision makers in the field as well as building working relationships with international NGOs and funders.

It is such a  pleasure working with such a fantastic team and inspirational people, from the patients to the hard working staff and volunteer fundraisers, working with the Chain of Hope family is a privilege and an honour.

Lucy Ossack, Director of Operations & Special Events

Lucy Ossack

Having been with Chain of Hope since 2008, Lucy has a wealth of knowledge of our overseas operations and manages a huge portfolio of medical missions, training programmes and equipment acquisition. She also plays a vital role in forming the long term strategy of our service delivery, including development of projects and identification of new countries for us to grow our support within.

What is most rewarding about working with Chain of Hope is you really see the difference that the charity makes to individual children. You see them sick and you see them physically get better. They might arrive in the UK unable to play or run around like healthy kids, but leave happy and healthy. It’s also incredible to work with medical volunteers who are at the very top end of their field using their skills so selflessly to help children around the world.


Lisa Yacoub, International Child Referral Programme Manager

Lisa Yacoub

As International Child Referral Manager, Lisa ensures the smooth transfer of patients waiting for surgery to come to one of the hospitals within Chain of Hope’s network. A demanding role, there is no-one better than Lisa to act as each child’s advocate to have access to urgent medical treatment. From Baghdad to Banjul, Lisa liaises with cardiac doctors worldwide who refer children for treatment through the charity’s Medical Board who assess each child’s viability for treatment. Once the child is in the UK, Lisa works closely with a team of volunteers to manage the child’s care and safety.

A key aspect of Lisa’s role is to build strong relationships with NGOs and medical teams around the world. It was through Lisa’s dedication and passion that Chain of Hope supports a major project in Ethiopia to create an entire cardiac centre.

Lisa is also an avid fundraiser for Chain of Hope and has taken part in two London marathons as well as fundraising in the community.

For me, it is utterly uplifting to feel that you are part of a team that can save the life of a child. Every person in the Chain of Hope team can make a difference.


Oroyo Eubanks, Communications Manager

Oroyo comes to Chain of Hope with over 10 years experience in Media and Journalism and a Masters Degree in Media and Development. He began with Chain of Hope as an intern in 2016 then returned to Jamaica to temporarily act as the Executive Director for Chain of Hope Jamaica, before moving back to London in September 2017 to assume his current role. He is responsible for the coordination of all communication and branding for the charity including managing our website and social media platforms with the primary objective to support the fundraising and major partnerships aspects of the charity. He produces the Charity's Annual Review and other major print publications, while coordinating all media related activities, interviews, filming and photographs for children, special events and missions. Oroyo also maintains and build new relationships with our ambassadors and celebrities.


Jilliane Lewis, Missions and Equipment Manager

Jilliane Lewis

Jilliane joined our team in 2015 with a wealth of expertise to offer, having recently completed her Postgraduate Studies in Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare Technology Management at City University, London. Jilliane offers broad administrative support to the Overseas Operations team, working closely with Lucy to ensure that the medical volunteers are prepared and ready for specialised training missions and that the hospitals that we work with have the equipment they need to operate. She is also helping to co-ordinate the equipment procurement for the new Cardiac Unit at the Bustamante Hospital for Children in Jamaica.

Growing up in Jamaica, I’ve witnessed first-hand the struggles the health sector faces due to the lack of resources. It gives me so much pride to be a part of such a fantastic organization helping my home and much of the developing world improve local paediatric cardiac care and eventually enabling them to stand on their own feet.


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