Initiated by partner charity La Chaîne de l’Espoir, Professor Yacoub founded Chain of Hope as a registered charity in the UK in 1995. He mirrored the charity on La Chaîne de l’Espoir's principle of a chain of volunteers who enable children to have access to care that they would not otherwise receive.

Professor Yacoub recruited some of the most inspirational leaders in the cardiac world to build an international charity helping children with heart disease.

Building capacity

The wealth of expertise that is volunteered to Chain of Hope has helped the charity to flourish beyond giving children surgery into developing overseas cardiac capability.

Chain of Hope has developed cardiac services around the world, establishing infrastructure in Ethiopia, Egypt, Jamaica, Uganda, El Salvador and Mozambique. One of these units, the Aswan Heart Centre, was founded in 2009 with a grant of $500,000 from Chain of Hope. Today the centre is a state of the art hospital providing treatment for over 500 patients annually.

Chain of Hope is currently working to produce similar cardiac units across the developing world, whilst continuing to treat as many children as possible.

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