9th April 2020

Coronavirus: A Letter From the Chain of Hope Chairman and CEO

We wanted to update you on what Chain of Hope has been doing so far during this critical period of lockdown.

Understandably our overseas missions programme has been paused during this time and we have temporarily furloughed our operational team. However, we are continuing with a smaller dedicated team, to urgently support our cardiac hospitals with supplies to enable their doctors to perform cardiac procedures in the most urgent cases.

Just this week our shipments of supplies have been delivered to the Ethiopia Cardiac Centre and to the Uganda Heart Institute where their local teams will now be able to operate on 35 patients during this period. This has been made possible with your generous donations enabling both centres to receive the vital equipment they desperately need to save lives.

Our core team has been supporting the UK as well, where we are working with the frontline doctors and nurses in the NHS. Last week, we loaned 60 syringe pumps to the Royal Brompton Hospital to help build much needed intensive care capacity. Additionally, we are loaning vital equipment to various hospitals to help them in the fight against Covid-19.  We have loaned blood gas analysers to St Thomas' hospital and ultrasound machines, to enable much needed cardiovascular scans on Covid-19 patients.

We wish all of our amazing volunteers who make up our healthcare taskforce all the best within the NHS and equivalent healthcare systems worldwide.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and donations. Through you, we have been able to donate ventilators, anaesthetic machines and heart monitors to save many lives. These very donations have given hospitals and healthcare systems a more robust chance in the current fight against Covid-19. This is a global fight and we are in it together.

Wishing you and all your family a peaceful Easter and please stay safe during this time.
Best Wishes,

Gavin Wright - Chairman,

Emma Scanlan - Chief Executive
Chain of Hope

Gavin Wright
Gavin Wright
Emma Scanlan
Emma Scanlan

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