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H.O.P.E. Project
"Helping Other People in Every way"

A hurricane relief and community empowerment organization. We work to directly address social, economic, and environmental issues pertaining to affected neighborhoods.

HOPE is no longer a group of volunteers gutting houses and distributing food as we were two years ago; we consider ourselves people working in solidarity with the community to address critical needs and issues within the community. We believe the storm not only created serious problems in New Orleans & beyond, it exacerbated the disadvantages and neglect that has existed for generations in southern Louisiana.

HOPE is a collectively-run, no profit organization working to support residents affected by hurricane Katrina through distributing free food, clothing, & supplies; offering rebuilding support & assistance; and facilitating community projects such as child care, youth outreach, & mental wellness.

Our past & current projects include: a community relief center for distributing food, feeding meals, hosting meetings, and housing volunteers; community tool lending; house gutting and rebuilding; youth outreach; recycle-a-bicycle project; Saturday neighborhood breakfast; a day care center; and a community garden.

There is much more work to be done. Please be a part of it.



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